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About Us

The information herein is divided into four sections. The “collection” section documents infrastructure, staff, and outputs from collection operations. The “cultures” section documents the coding system for all stocks in the collection and a searchable database of available stocks. The section on “fungi” informs on how these organisms are named and classified and includes individual pages documenting properties of all species in the collection. The “methods” section covers protocols used in the collection to manipulate, assess, and maintain fungi in the collection.

The long-term viability and sustainability of this collection (and most others) depends on funding agencies and the public understanding the various roles this resource plays in promoting research and teaching, in providing services that benefit academia, industry, and the public, and in disseminating information. It is not enough for the curator and staff to justify the collection’s existence because they have a vested interest. Rather, it is stories from users that provide powerful evidence of the collection’s significance in their lives and also afford examples of how the collection serves people and institutions with diverse backgrounds and interests. So it is here we fervently request that those of you who have benefited in any way from this collection tell us, in your own words, your story. We leave it in your hands to grant permission for us to post and share your story, but doing so would be providing a valuable service to us and other users. We would be immensely grateful for your input. Thank you!

If you have used this collection before, Please tell us your story.