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South Agricultural Sciences (SAS) Building  refaced SAS building; arrow and text pointing to where Invam greenhouse is being dismantled

Over the Christmas holidays in 2005, we moved into South Agricultural Sciences Building (SAS) on the Evansdale Campus of West Virginia University. Construction was completed in January, 2006 (left photo). As a result of this move, we were reunited with faculty in other disciplines in the Plant and Soil Science Division of the Davis college (e.g. Agronomy, Horticulture, Genetics and Soil Science). The design this new building organized all INVAM offices, labs, growth room, and greenhouse facilities together in one wing to afford efficient and timely work flow of collection activities. Operational space totaled 1958 square feet at this time (see diagram below).

In 2012, the university decided to reface the building and correct other construction deficiencies associated with the outer shell (right photo). The refacing required that the greenhouse on the southeast corner of the building be dismantled. We decided against reconstructing a new greenhouse in this area because there were many operational problems associated with the lack of cross-through ventilation. Instead, INVAM was offered a larger dedicated bay in a new greenhouse across the street from the SAS which had much more uniform and efficient light and temperature controls. This space was close enough to easily transport plants and other materials to facilities in SAS for processing.


Floorplan of INVAM space with rooms labeled--the Cold room and Research Lab are in the middle with the prep room, growth room, drying room, greenhouse and Morton's/staff offices are on the outside walls