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Growth Room

Plants on a table  Plants on a table

When more constant temperature and light conditions are required or when effluent from cultures need to be collected and autoclaved (e.g. cultures from outside the U.S.), we use a room across from the greenhouse. This room houses three benches steel benches with removable aluminum trays and a steel mesh surface that prevents pooling or movement of water between pots. High-output sodium vapor lights provide illumination for 14 hours each day. They can be raised or lowered, but plant seeding rate in pots keeps plant growth to a height of 12-14 inches. Temperatures are regulated by a powerful forced air cooling system an tend to be fairly stable, ranging from 24-26°C.

The trays under each bench collect culture effluent that drains into buckets via spigots (green arrows). Contents of each bucket are either discarded or autoclaved, depending on the origins of cultures (e.g. first-generation trap cultures vs. monospecific cultures started from spores). See quality control for other procedures followed to insure final cultures are clean.