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Imaging System

Student using a microscopeThe centerpiece of this system is a Nikon Eclipse 600 compound microscope with DIC optics (calibrated for each objective). It accommodates both a conventional film camera and a Nikon DS-Ri1 digital camera.

The monitor for the computer to which the camera is linked sits on a “lazy susan” (rotating disk) so that the camera can be operating on either the stereomicroscope or the compound microscope. Wireless keyboard and mouse can be positioned at any workstation on the table for input into the computer.

Many of the photographs on this web site were taken in the mid-90’s with an older 1-chip analog CCD camera (requiring a framegrabber and generally of low resolution). We upgraded to a 3-chip analog camera which improved image quality, but resolution still was limited to 800×600 dpi. With the move to digital, new images are archived at higher resolutions for printing.