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Preparation Room

Man standing near lab sinkThis 145 sq. ft. room is completely separated from all plant-growing areas so that we can conduct all of our manipulations of culture material without risk of contaminating growing pot cultures. It is here that we set up new cultures, reseed or transplant active cultures if they need to be grown longer, or extract spores to monitor composition, quantity, and quality of propagules. Large sinks (with covered soil trap below) provide ample work space to keep everything clean and dust-free. Rigorous quality control procedures are used to prevent cross-contamination while carrying out above-mentioned operations.

In the photos below, sieves and centrifuges are equipment used for spore extractions (done every day). Also pictured is a set of infectivity that are about to be harvested. Root staining and other procedures requiring handling of chemicals are done in the lab.

Lab space with seedlings  Lab space with seedlings

All materials used to create cultures are kept in closed containers and all pot contents are sealed in zip-loc bags for storage.