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Fees for Services

INVAM is an expensive operation. It includes wages of three core staff members (Morton, Wheeler, and an Assistant Curator) and student helpers in their collective efforts to setup, maintain, harvest, and store stocks grown in open pot cultures for 3-4 months at a time. Also included is maintenance and upgrades to greenhouse and growth rooms, equipment, supplies, and IT support services. The labor cost alone is estimated to be about $82,000 each year for accessioning, reaccessioning, and maintaining all of the holdings currently in the collection.

The National Science Foundation provides about 50% of the support needed to operate the collection, with the remainder coming from West Virginia University, the Davis College, and the fees listed on this page. Ideally, NSF would like to see the collection become completely self-sustainable. That will be difficult to achieve unless there is a huge increase in the number of users, fees are increased dramatically, or a combination of the two. Neither option is viable at this time because the user base is not that large.

Fee Structure:

Single strain culture (200 mL of whole inoculum or a vial of 1000-1200 spores) $50/$100 each
A mixture of species in bulk quantity (one liter maximum) $120/Liter
Morphological species ID (known species) $25 each
LSU sequence ID (at least to genus) $75/3-4 transformants
Spore count $25/sample
Infectivity assay (MIP) $50/assay
Mycorrhizal assessment (%) $30/root sample
DVD of hi-res images (collection species) $60 each
Monospecific stock from submitted trap soil/culture $200 each
Visit that involves using facilities $250/week

Further Notes