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Number of stocks released

Culture stocks released from the collection has consisted of either “whole” inoculum (homogenized pot culture contents) or “cleaned spores” (1000-1200) extracted and sometimes sonicated (when DNA extraction is involved) and shipped in 2 mL vials containing sterile distilled water. The number of stocks released each year is graphed in the figure below. The most dramatic volume released occurred in 1994 and 1995, in part because the collection received a flurry of requests for bulk inocula from researchers who did not have facilities or time to prepare material for experiments. The number of releases since 1995 does not reflect the same demand, but rather reflects smaller requests by researchers-at-large (generally 2-3 cultures per order). Since 2008, there has been an increase in requests for a range of accessions representing a given species, and we find this exciting because the focus on population level variation in an asexual fungus is so important. We now have a range of species across the major clades with five or more isolates per species, which is documented under Breadth of strain diversity.

graphs of number of stock released each year