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INVAM policies are somewhat flexible to accommodate not only scientists, but also an eclectic public base that includes high school and college teachers, students from grade school (introductory biology classes), high school (science fair or other extra-curricular directed projects), college undergraduate (laboratories for courses in different curricula, special projects) and graduate programs (theses and dissertation projects).

The cost of the collection cannot be met from NSF funding alone. In fact, NSF has tasked us with trying to find ways to make the collection self-sustaining. As a result, we must charge fees for cultures and for services to recover as much of those costs as possible. However, we try not to exclude anyone; after all, we are trying to provide a service that benefits anyone interested in these fungi. So under some circumstances, fees can be waived or greatly reduced following negotiation. With the fees that are collected, support provided by the Davis College and WVU in wages for a permanent research assistant (Wheeler), and other infrastructural support, NSF supports a little less than half of the total INVAM budget each year.