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The collection has extensive facilities to assist individuals in obtaining “hands-on” experience at culturing, isolating, manipulating, and identifying many species of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. Voucher specimens are organized in such a way that a visitor can learn a great deal with minimal to no supervision or assistance. Cultures brought by a visitor can be processed quickly and efficiently (15-20 per hour).

All visits to INVAM must be preceded by an email query with followup communications to insure the visitor has resources and housing to reside comfortably in Morgantown. Visitors who do not require consulation time or students seeking to gain experience culturing or identifying arbuscular fungi will not be charged a fee for time spent in the laboratory. Vistors who require one hour or more of consultation time per day and spend longer than five days will be asked to pay a bench fee, scaled for length of stay: $250 per week or $1000 per month. These fees are necessary to offset expenses associated with loss of time in fulfilling core INVAM activities as well as other research and teaching responsibilities at WVU. However, they are negotiable depending on the financial circumstances of the visitor or the extent to which the culture collection will benefit from the visit in non-monetary ways. We fully believe in the barter system!