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INVAM Accessions

The accession table consists of records of the data on fungi at the time of deposit. Only those fungi which have been tested to be viable in our culture system (requiring one propagation cycle in pot culture) are accessioned. This means that some deposits don’t appear at all in the database. For example, one deposit contained springtails (Collembola) and that material was autoclaved immediately and discarded. For a list of all species in Glomeromycota, go to Arthur Schüßler’s website.


Fill in the fields below to search the Accessions Database. Leave fields blank if you have no preference. NOTE: Filling in all (or many) fields will restrict your search. You may wish to start out more general and then narrow your search criteria.


Note: The code for each accession contains a two capitalized letters and a number from 100 to 500. This code is carried over to ALL progeny cultures (listed in the culture database table). Geographic origin can be searched by using only the first two letters of the accession code. See a listing of codes to find geographic locators representing collection stocks.

Check if you want to limit your search to those accessions that have been experimentally shown to promote plant growth.


Note: Leave blank if you do not have a preference.