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Culture Availability


The culture table in this database consists of records on progeny cultures of deposited accessions. The only ones that will be listed are those either in storage (harvested already) or are currently growing in pot culture. If the culture is growing and you need that particular strain, harvest date can be calculated by adding 122 days to the start date. Each culture is considered unique even though it is derived from a previous culture because properties/content may change. The unique code is a dashed integer numbered consecutively from the original accession (e.g. -3, -4). So an accession cultured for 22 consecutive cycles will be coded -22). This database may be searched by INVAM Accession Number (see the Accessions Database for this information), genus, or species name.

For a list of all species in Glomeromycota, go to Arthur Schüßler's website.

Note: You can search by geographic origin by using only the first two letters of the accession code. See a listing of codes to find geographic locators representing collection stocks.

Check in the box below if you want to limit your search to pure (single-species) cultures only. Naturally, this will restrict your search results.