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Culture Storage
Quality Control

All pot cultures (approx. 1300 at any given time) from temperate climates are stored in a walk-in cold room, which is maintained at a constant temperature of 3.2oF. This room is entered from within the laboratory. All cultures are stored in sealed zip-loc bags, with culture codes written on the bag and on labels affixed to the upper left corner so individual cultures can be readily identified when stacked. Cultures are organized alphabetically for quick searches.

Select a room to see procedures used in that location.

  Lab   Growth

Cold room/freezerShelves of metal racks consist of mesh surfaces to optimize air circulation around all of the stored cultures and for ease of cleaning. Racks positioned in the center of the room are on wheels (red arrows) to move for easy access to all sides.

Samples in zip-lock bags on shelfBag surfaces are wiped clean of any dust before they are placed in this room. Floors and shelves are periodically cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge.

Samples in zip-lock bags on shelfCultures from tropical climates are stored in the same way in closed shelves in a corner of the lab, where air temperature is not detrimental to fungus viability (22-24oC).