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Drying/Storage Room
Quality Control

This room is located between the two plant-growing areas (greenhouse and growth room) and is the main entry into either of these rooms. As a consequence, any nonsterile soil is prohibited in this area.

Low benches provide areas to prepare packages for shipment (inocula are sealed in zip-loc bags in the prep room first), record culture data, or other mundane activities.

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  Lab   Growth

Lab countertop spacePots are not manipulated in any way until contents are dry, at which time they are moved to the prep room for bagging (and subsequent storage) or reseeding (to keep fungi in culture growing). Before storage in this room, all materials are cleaned and wiped free of dust. To clean floors, wet mops are used rather than brooms to minimize air-borne dust particles.

Wall shelves with seedlings in con-tainersWhen cultures are ready to harvest, they are first moved to shelves in this room so they are not exposed to artificial or natural light and pot contents can dry slowly (14-20 days, depending on pot size). Shelves are wiped down with a germicidal soap each time there is a change of pots.