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Photo Vouchers

Print photographs (intact & broken spores)

Photographs of reference isolates of each species, together with photos of type specimens, are organized in ringed binders with published descriptions for rapid access by staff or visitors. All photographs are numbered and entered with associated information on the fungal organism into a FileMaker Pro database. Since 2002, priority is given to digital images (see below) and these are printed only as needed because of the high paper and ink costs for the HP Photosmart printer.

Images in binder  Binders on shelf

Digital photographs (intact and broken spores)

Since 1998, a majority of photographic vouchers have been saved in digital format. These images are stored in an Aperture library (MacIntosh computer only) in uncompressed TIF format. Aperture has many export options for master images, and the option we use depends on purpose of the image. For email correspondence and for this website, we export files as 640×640 jpeg images. Thumbnails are exported as 1.5×1.25 images in the PNG format. Once a reference isolate of a species is identified, photographs are organized in html “species datasheets” which document all of the properties about which we have direct knowledge.

Steps taken to capture images and modify them for web pages or for archival purposes can be viewed on the "Creation and Processing of Digital Photographs" webpage.

Here is an example page in Aperture of Funneliformis mosseae. Master photos are stored here in the original TIFF image format and exported according to function (see above).

Screenshot of Aperture